Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Kitchen Water Damage

This kitchen and other rooms in the home suffered damage from a water loss and the laminate floor had to be removed to deal with the moisture. There was also vi... READ MORE

Water Damage to a home in Hodges, SC

This home located in Hodges, South Carolina had a pipe in the ceiling burst and cause water damage throughout the entire first level of the home. The homeowner ... READ MORE

Greenwood County Water Damage

This property in Greenwood, South Carolina had a flood damage claim that affected most of their finished basement. Our extraction team arrived and assessed the ... READ MORE

Sewage Damage to a Bathroom in a Basement

This homeowner in Greenwood, SC had their basement toilet back up and didn't notice it for several days. Sewage, black water and debris went to all areas of the... READ MORE

Water Damage Grenwood Home

A burst water pipe inside your home, no matter where the location can cause severe damage to flooring, walls and your personal belonging within your home. A sm... READ MORE

Greenwood home Bathroom Water Damage

Checking your toilet supply lines often is important (like every time you clean your toilet important). Faulty supply lines can deteriorate over the years espe... READ MORE

Flooded hall at church

This flooded hall in Greenwood, SC was the result of a broken pipe during "The Polar Vortex". The water was several inches deep.

Flooded room in Greenwood, SC

Flooded room after frozen, broken pipe. Notice the extent of the water damage; the water was several inches deep. The after picture was taken after the room was... READ MORE

Flooded Sunday School Room, Greenwood, SC

This Sunday school room was flooded after a broken water pipe froze and burst. There were several inches of water standing on the carpeting. The after picture s... READ MORE

Flooded bathroom

This bathroom flooded because of a broken pipe. The water was several inches deep. The after picture shows the bathroom after the water was extracted, dried, an... READ MORE

Flooded office

This office was flooded with several inches of water. The after picture shows the room after water extraction, drying, and restoration has taken place.